About Me

Hey! My name is Matthew Citroni and I am a Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, and trained Musician. I earned my Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Sound Recording Technology from the University of Massachusetts - Lowell in the Fall of 2010, as well as an Associate's in Music from Northern Essex in 2008. Music has always been a part of my life ever since I was a child; starting off with the alto saxophone playing in school wind ensembles and then progressing to the guitar to study jazz and classical. I enjoy all genres of music, and especially recording it so the creative individuals involved can share something special for years to come after the magic has been captured!

Graduation led me to work at dSonic Inc. in Boston where I further sharpened my critical listening and sound design skills to design audio for professional video game projects. My work can be found in Splatterhouse (2010), Ruined (2011), Section 8: Prejudice (2011), Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary (2011), and countless other titles. I have also freelanced for game developers from the Boston area to as far as Washington state, providing audio work. Being a gamer all of my life, contributing to this form of entertainment has been very exciting for me because I love seeing my work reach out to an expanding market that millions of people can enjoy.

To me, being a sound designer and audio engineer isn't just a technological job; it is an art form. Sure, there is know-how in deciding which ratio to set on that compressor, which frequencies to boost or cut, or on where to position a microphone, but the real fun is being able to use all of these techniques to create something unique and inspiring. Could I create stomps on grass just by using bubble wrap? How about using earthquake rumbles to simulate a bigger fist impact? Why not try add flanger and EQ on a swarm of bees to make it sound like a robot? This is why I love what I do!

Please feel free to explore the many sections of my website. Here you will find my multitrack recordings (done with UMass Lowell's API Vision console), sound design on visuals and games, compositional ability, and editing of my own voice acting. I hope you enjoy my work, and that we can work on something fun and unique together :).